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  • Explore the Power
    of your Data
    Turn your data into Information
    Delete the spreadsheets
    Create Stunning Visual Intelligence
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  • Active Prototyping
    Design Experience with a working prototype
    Start with the designers, see their work on the web
    Never click on non-functional images
    Click your new real site
    Feel the User Experience from day one.
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  • Delivering First Class Projects
    Agile, Lean, Waterfall, PRINCE-II
    Any methodology that suits the project and your organisation.
    Working in highly regulated environments, we deliver innovation.
    Where required, we create the operational and development framerowk to suit the strategic goals.
  • From Servers to Mobiles
    Complete solutions
    Design and implementtaion of large and small scale projects
    from your private cloud to the app in your smart phone.
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    Cloud Computing
Professional Problem Solvers

Together we will find the way to success. With technology in hand we deliver. New innovative fresh approaches for your business.

Solution Innovators

We try before we solve. With scientific accuracy and efficay, we try and evaluate the best technology solution for your business. We like innovation and see challenges no more.

Delivering the Promise

Outsourced, in-sourced, with the correct collaboration level,
we will work together to achieve the long term benefits.

Actis builds the platform for your needs. Request access to the private demo area.

Goal definition

Working together, discovering what your clients want, how they want and when they want it.


See why they want it and find the ways to make it happen. Innovate, re-use.
Discover different ways to use resources.


Plan deliveries with Agile, Lean, Waterfalls and hybrid methods to match your organisation's standards and pace.